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February 2017 Archives

How a civil trial can succeed where a criminal trial fails

Prosecutors can only bring a case to trial if they have enough evidence to convince a jury that a crime has been committed "beyond a reasonable doubt," which is the highest standard of evidence used in court. That can sometimes make it possible for a drunk driver who causes a traumatic accident to skate by without any significant criminal penalties involved.

Truck accident claims lives of 3 children in South Carolina

Four people are dead after a horrific two-vehicle crash along I-95 last month. The crash happened early morning, at approximately 4 a.m. in Colleton County, South Carolina. According to police, a vehicle carrying three children was hit by a semi truck while both vehicles were driving at high rates of speed along the interstate.

Hold drunk drivers accountable for accidents they cause

Drunk driving accidents can cause serious harm to the people who are involved in them. The drunk drivers need to be held accountable for the choice they made to get behind the wheel. This can be done through a civil lawsuit that aims to seek compensation for the injuries that were suffered in the accident.

Understanding your rights when the police use excessive force

You might be familiar with the term "police brutality" from movies and television shows, but the fact is, that is not an actual charge police officers who act beyond their training can face in South Carolina. While it might be different in other jurisdictions, the law in this state provides for remedies for the use of excessive force, but not for "brutality" per se. You might wonder what the difference is and why it is important, other than the fact that one term was chosen over another.

Texting and driving in South Carolina

As phones get smarter, drivers get more distracted. Texting and driving is a habit that is fatal yet common. What exactly makes texting and driving so dangerous? How common is it? Who does it the most? What laws are there to prevent this habit and help victims of texting and driving accidents? These questions are answered below. The dangers Distracted driving comes in three main forms: cognitive, visual and manual. While every kind of distracted driving is dangerous, texting and driving is particularly risky because it combines all three. Texting and driving takes your eyes off the road, occupies one or more of your hands and distracts your thinking process. Even hands-free devices cause significant cognitive distraction.

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