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I see too many people involved in automobile wrecks who have not fully exercised their insurance options to adequately protect themselves. This must be done before a wreck or loss occurs. In South Carolina, the law requires that liability insurance coverage and uninsured (UM) insurance
coverage be offered and sold to everyone in the minimum limits of $25,000.   However, you always have the option to purchase coverage for higher amounts for additional premiums. Liability coverage covers you up to the extent of coverage in the event that you cause a wreck which results in injury or loss to another person.  Uninsured (UM) coverage covers you up to the extent of coverage in cases where the person who causes the wreck has no liability insurance.
You should purchase these coverages above the minimum amounts if you can afford to do so.  Medical expenses can mount quickly, making $25,000 to little to protect you.  It is too easy at the time of purchasing insurance to say "just give me the minimum" and then regret that decision later.  In addition, underinsured (UIM) coverage can, and should, be purchased.   It is not required by law and is therefore optional, so you must tell your insurance agent that you want it when it is offered. It can be purchased in amounts up to the amount of liability insurance coverage, so the more liability coverage you have, the more underinsured (UIM) coverage you can purchase.  Underinsured (UIM) coverage protects you and your family members in your home in cases where another person causes the wreck and does not have enough insurance to cover the loss or injury that you have sustained.  
Discuss all of these options with your insurance agent and purchase what you can afford and what you feel is necessary.  It might not be as expensive as you think, and it could pay huge dividends if you or your loved ones are in a serious wreck. You do not have to wait for your next renewal period to add these extra protections.  When something happens and you need the insurance coverage, you will not regret the decision.
     Chris Wilson.

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