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7 ways to play it safe on the roads during Thanksgiving weekend

Whether you call it Blackout Wednesday or Drunksgiving, there's ample evidence that the night before Thanksgiving is now one of the top party nights of the year.

In fact, Blackout Wednesday is a bigger day for drinks and bars than either New Year's Eve or St. Patrick's Day, depending on your location.

Most common types of medical malpractice

Medical malpractice is a serious issue, but not enough people seem to be aware of the dangers. However, it is the third leading cause of death for United States citizens, as per a report in The Washington Post. The two causes of death that are higher are cancer and heart disease. 

Legal experts define medical malpractice as when a healthcare professional fails to provide adequate duty of care. This does not mean the surgeon comes back with news that is unpleasant. It simply means the surgeon should have had the capacity to do a better job but failed due to negligence or incompetence. There are various ways this can manifest itself. 

South Carolina husband wins $10 million wrongful death case

Cancer may have been the official cause of death on a South Carolina woman's death certificate but it didn't have to be that way.

In fact, the jury strongly felt that her death could have been avoided if her doctors had been better at communicating with each other and delays in her care had been avoided.

Wicked driving weather and distractions: safe driving this fall

What are the biggest hazards to watch out for on the road during the end of October and early November? A combination of seasonal factors can cause even professional drivers -- those with a commercial drivers license (CDL) handling the big rigs -- to easily get distracted or make a mistake.

Other drivers on the road need to be more conscious of the risks as well. Knowing the dangers helps with defensive driving (and could save your life).

Key factors that contribute to premise liability

Accidents occur all the time. If someone receives an injury while on your property, that person may hold you responsible, which could result in a personal injury case.

In such instances, premise liability is sure to play a major part in the outcome, and it is important you understand the concept. A few key factors contribute to premise liability.

Is your new car making you a worse driver?

Could your car actually be making you a worse driver? If you have a newer vehicle with a lot of bells and whistles, it just might.

New cars today seem to have just about everything. Climbing into a fully-loaded upscale vehicle can sometimes resemble climbing into the cockpit of an airplane.

Eye floaters: An overlooked consequences of car accidents

There's an eye condition that people can develop after a car accident that many people may overlook: floaters.

Floaters appear in your vision like small blurs, sometimes with tiny dots or threads in them that will occasionally flash like a tiny, bright light. They move with your eye, so as your eye moves, they seem to lag along in your sight -- just slightly behind your actual eye movement. If you rest your eyes, they'll come to rest also.

What to do if you witness police brutality

Americans are becoming increasingly aware of police brutality. An article from Mic shows that in 98 percent of these cases, the officer is not ultimately charged with a crime. 

Excessive force can entail different things. It ultimately comes down to the officer using way more force than is necessary to apprehend a suspect. One example would be if a suspect is in handcuffs but an officer continues to rough up the person. Witnessing one of these events can be shocking, but it is important to know what you can and cannot do in these cases.

Hold a drunk driver accountable for his or her actions in court

If you've just been in an accident with a drunk driver and he or she tells you that this "has never happened before," the odds are very good that doesn't mean it's the first time he or she has ever gotten behind the wheel after drinking.

Instead, he or she probably means, "I've never been caught drinking and driving before."

Medical malpractice lawsuit over intersex child sets precedent

In a lawsuit that may be a first, adoptive parents were awarded $440,000 because their child had actually been born with the genitalia for both males and females, and South Carolina authorities arbitrarily decided to remove the male genitals and make the infant a girl.

Placed up for adoption by the state shortly after the surgery, the child was described as an infant girl. The adoptive parents didn't know until their child was almost two about the gender assignment surgery in which the child's penis was removed and the vagina reconstructed to look more conventional.

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